Welcome to The Gift Queen boutique. When the ART OF GIFTING is a lifestyle, it is effortless to make someone feel special and MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!

We specialise in handmade luxury classic monochrome stationery, gift sets, party and home accessories which come beautifully presented in luxury gift-wrap, presentation boxes and hampers. We are a creative design-led company specialising in a carefully curated range of timeless and creative monochromatic classic designs. We also stock a limited range of selective colourful designs and one-off pieces. Each item is crafted with love. Whether you’re searching for a special keepsake or a personalised surprise gift hamper for a special person, we will help you make the recipient very happy.
Monochrome is a range of colours that is timeless, classic and luxurious. You never need to guess someone’s favourite colour! With a monochromatic palette, you can give a gift or throw a party for a baby girl, boy, man or woman, and not worry about getting it wrong! When you need a splash of colour, discover how to be creative and adapt it using our Monochrome Plus range. When the foundation of your gift or party is monochrome, you will never be stuck for ideas again and you will never have to keep buying a whole new range of gift wrap or party decorations in one colour for each celebration. You can pivot from a Monochrome palette and introduce accents of colour as and when.

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